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November 29, 2020
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Ideas and Tips For a Great Ben 10 Birthday Party

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Ben 10 is a cartoon action adventure television show on the cartoon network. Ben 10 has become hugely popular among kids and has is now onto it's third season named Ben 10: Evolution. With the increasing popularity of Ben 10 many kids will want or hope to have a Ben 10 party for their birthday. This article helps to explain what Ben 10 is and a few simple tips to creating a great party!

What is Ben 10 about?

Ben 10 is based around the main character, Ben. One day while out camping he finds an alien pod, inside the pod is a watch like device. Ben inspects and straps it to his wrist and finds out that he can't take it off. Luckily though, the watch is an Omnitrix and provides him with superpowers. He now has the ability to transform into different alien creatures all with their own super powers. Ben and his sister Gwen and their grandfather Max use the Omnitrix for a little mischievousness and to help save the world from extraterrestrial and earthly evils.

Planning and Hosting A Ben 10 Party

Hosting a Ben 10 party is very similar to most other parties, however, the theme is the Ben 10 cartoon. Therefore, you should try to have as much stuff with Ben 10 on it or involved as possible. This includes such things as the plates, napkins, tablecover, etc.. You can also incorporate games that involve the aliens from the show such as pin the tail on the alien.

The next thing you need to consider is the cake or cupcakes. You want to ensure that if nothing else the cake is a Ben 10 themed cake. You can purchase either a cake image which is simply placed on the cake and becomes that theme. Another alternative is buying cake toppers which can also be a great toy or souvenir for your child after the party is over!

Another thing you may want to consider is Ben 10 costume. A costume, although not a typical birthday party item, is a fun way to really show the spirit of the party. This is especially true if your child likes the Alien's in the Ben 10 show. This also makes him exciting and cool and all the other children will be very envious of his costume!

Finally, you'll want to consider the party favors. At most children's birthdays a party favor or giftbag is a must. You want to ensure that the contents are fun and related to Ben 10. This could include stickers, colorbooks, blowouts, action figures, etc.. It's best to be creative as the children will love the favor box regardless of the contents.

Kids absolutely love the Ben 10 TV show because it's a show based on kids around their same age. This allows them to let their imagination run wild and think that maybe one day they too will find an Omnitrix looking watch and become Ben or Gwen! Let them have a Ben 10 Birthday Party this year!


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