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November 18, 2020
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How to Start Creating Fun Family Traditions

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No matter how large or small your family, there are special family traditions to be enjoyed. Many family traditions are centered around holidays from the meals served to the hunt for the annual Christmas tree. But, family traditions can encompass more than that. The simplest outing can become a special family tradition that is repeated monthly or yearly. Create some family traditions of your own with the help of these simple ideas.

Arrange a Family Night

One of the most cherished family traditions as your family grows is a monthly family only night. Plan a pizza night where everyone gathers in the kitchen and pitches in to create their special pizza or go to a movie or for ice cream. A sporting event is a great place for a family outing. Or, a simple walk in the park or time at the playground. Taking the time to reconnect as a family will be a tradition that is remembered fondly as kids grow up and parents age. A family night doesn't need to be an expense. Some of the most enjoyable family activities only require your time. To help keep the memories alive, don't forget to grab your camera and snap some candid shots then display them in 8x10 picture frames for all to enjoy.

Grocery Shopping Can Be Fun

Busy moms usually prefer to grocery shop alone to save time, but this is an activity that a family can enjoy doing together. Letting each family member pick out a favorite food item keeps everyone happy. Grocery shopping with your children can also be a great time to teach them about nutrition and making good food choices. Those special talks as you drive to and from the store are just as important as the time spent in the store.

Exercise as a Family

Exercising as a family is a great way for everyone to stay healthy and fit. Whether you stroll around the block, play basketball in the driveway, play tag football on the front lawn or join a gym, there are plenty of opportunities to include exercise in your family time. Attending a sporting event can also become a family tradition from the tailgate party in the parking lot to the victory celebration at the end. Don't forget your camera. Capture those family moments in photos to keep those special memories alive. A great gift idea to each family member is to place a photo of your healthy tradition in a couple of picture frames.

Family Photo Album

A great family activity is creating a photo album of all the fun times together over the years. Instead of tucking your photos into a drawer put them into an album where they can be enjoyed. Whether you are into scrap booking or prefer to place pictures into slots in a structured photo album, there are wonderful album choices for both. You can even select a special photo and put it into a picture frame for sharing with the family. Create a family fun day by pulling your photos out of drawers and boxes, gather supplies and let each family member create their own page for the family album. You will have your photos organized and your family will have had a fun time. As you take more pictures you can arrange more days for putting them into a family photo album thus creating a family tradition.


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