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August 22, 2020
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History of July 4, Independence Day of the United States of America

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Everyone knows about the history of Independence Day of USA that is 4th of July. The Thirteen colonies of America that eventually made up the original USA rebelled against England and the declaration of USA's independence is their own independence. Independence was declared on 2nd July, 1776, that is two days earlier than the actual Independence Day and after six years of struggle after that they won the actual independence. The history of Independence Day of USA is amazing and 4th July is celebrated as the National Holiday of USA. Actual independence was achieved on 3rd September, 1783 with The Treaty of Paris where Great Britain abandoned any claim to USA.

The independence of USA was declared earlier by the colonies and after years of struggle after that they actually won their freedom. Then why Americans celebrate the Independence Day at 4th, July instead of 3rd September when they got actual independence or at 2nd July when the colonials declared their independence?

Independence Day in USA is celebrated as National Holiday there because there is more in its core besides independence of a nation. The idea behind 4th July is the idea of independence of men and women from any ruler. It conveys the message that men and women are free to determine the future, governance and lives of their own.

When the nation has declared itself independent, the rest of the world was looking with amusement towards the United States. They expected the nation to fail badly but to their surprise America shocked them with its strong hold on the nation and influenced the world with its incredible changes.

At the memorable day of 4th July, 1776, when Jefferson, Franklin and Adams and others officially declared the independence, it was more than political freedom. The day holds the promise of right of life, liberty and happiness. At that memorable day not only the independence of the nation was declared but the independence of humankind was declared.

For few years of declaration of Independence Day, it was not celebrated at any date. But by the end of 1790s, the Declaration had become controversial to the partisan. Jefferson and the Declaration were admired by the party, Democratic-Republican but another party that is Federalists party thought that the Declaration was against their policies. The war of 1812 separated the Federalist Party and the new parties supported Jefferson and the party Democratic-Republican. Declaration was circulated again and 4th July, 1776 was in the lime light again. The significance of 4th July can also be counted on the deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on July 4, 1826.

July 4th was celebrated in the White House in 1801 for the first time during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. July 4th has been accepted as the Independence Day but it was yet to be accepted as the official holiday. In 1870, US congress made 4th July an official holiday but it was still unpaid for the federal employees and it had continued to be the unpaid holiday till 1938. After 1938, the citizens of America celebrated the Independence Day with joy and pride.

July 4 is celebrated as the independence day of United States of America but the history of American independence is astonishing. It was not the day decided by the Continental Congress for Independence Day, it was not the day when independence was achieved; still it is the independence day of USA.


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