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How to Host a Board Game Night

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Having a night out with friends and family can become expensive over time. If you find yourself looking for ways, frugal ways, to spend quality time with your friends and family, then consider hosting a board game night. A board game night can be a great way to enjoy the company of others without breaking the bank. A board game night can also be a fun place for kids, too; so if your friends have kids, then the more the merrier.

If you are hosting a board game night for the first time, then here are some tips to consider.

* Consider Who to Invite
Consider whether you want to have a few board games going at the same time for a larger crowd, or if you want to have a few friends over to play just one board game. If you are hosting for the first time, then you might just consider inviting a few friends over so that multiple board games going at the same time won't be distracting.

* Take Inventory of Your Board Games
What types of games do you already have on hand? Do you have boardgames that will accommodate the number of people you are planning on inviting? If not, then consider asking your friends to take stock of their board games and maybe they can bring some games over to give the group a larger selection of games to choose from.

* Food and Drinks
Since the board game night should be a relatively casual atmosphere, you do not need to be too extravagant with the menu. Simple chips and dips, sandwiches, and other easy to handle foods should be fine. If it is a larger board game night with a lot of guests, then consider turning it into a potluck. With a potluck, you should assign types of foods to the different parties of people coming over, like appetizers, snacks, drinks, and so on. Depending on your crowd, you may offer the usual beverage choices of soda and juices for the kids, and for the adults, you may opt for beer and other alcoholic drinks that are popular with your crowd.

* Clean Up
Paper plates and plastic cups are perfect for board game night because of the casual atmosphere. Make sure that you empty your trashcans before the party so that guests can easily dispose of their dinner ware when they are done eating. If there are kids at the party and if they are playing games in their own area of the house, make sure that there are proper trash receptacles for them to use easily, this will make cleaning up much easier.

If the board game night turns out to be a success, then consider hosting a board game night once a month. Or maybe you and your friends can rotate board game night hosting. Board games are a great way to spend time with your friends and family because it offers a casual atmosphere and encourages conversation with the perfect dose of a little friendly competition. Not only does it provide a fun and casual place to hang out, it also can reduce the amount of money you and your friends may have spend going out.


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