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September 3, 2020
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How To Flambe - Light Up The Party With A Special Performance?

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Have you loved watching how the chef at your favorite restaurant creates that dazzling flame and that too right at your table? The whole act is so captivating. The way he works with the food and liquor and creates magic.

A visit to an expensive restaurant and flambe foods can actually rock your budget for the month. Here is the way out that guarantees not to make a hole in your pocket. Yes, you can create the same magic right at home. You too can do the same but what you must ensure is that you do it right as it involves the use of fire and can be dangerous. Learning "How to Flambe" the right way is very important coz it is a matter of your safety and of course taste.

"Flambe" in French means "flaming or flamed". Flambe to me is a flamboyant display of your culinary skills and a great way to add flavor to your dish. The liquer that is usually used for the process would be rum, brandy or cognac. The process involves topping the dish or the drink with liquor and lighting it. When lit the alcohol burns with a blue flame and what it does to the dish is truly something out of this world. I just love the taste of it all. Here are some basic tips on "How to Flambe":

1)A dimly lit room is the right ambience that would bring out the dramatic effect.

2)Use liquor that has a high alcohol content. This means that champagne, beer and wine are a strict no no. The liquor must be poured over warm food so as to maintain the required temperature thus, you must ensure that the food is warm. . The trick is to warm the liquor before pouring into the dish however, ensure that it does not reach the boiling point( 175 degrees fahrenheit is the boiling point of liquor).

3)The dish should be removed from the fire before you add the liquor to be careful. Ensure that you keep the dish far away from yourself and also any guests if they are around. The flames might just be a little more than you can handle at times. So be sure of exactly how you would do it.

4)Take out the quantity of liquor (that the recipe requires) to add in a separate dish. Do not pour straight from the bottle (if the bottle catches fire then it is disaster for sure).

5)Keep off from your body and face. Once the liquor is poured light it from a distance and at the earliest or else the food would start absorbing the flavor and will definitely not be as desired.

6)Make sure that you pair the liquor appropriately with the food. You could use this technique for just about anything from delicious meat recipes to exotic desserts.


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