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July 27, 2020
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Halloween Crafts For Children Build Fun And Memories

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Halloween is a fantastic time for families to have fun together and enjoy the opportunity to decorate, do crafts and scare each other a little bit. Halloween Crafts for children are a perfect way for Families to enjoy the fun and excitement of the holiday together.

Craft projects are perfect for gathering around the kitchen table as families to do. There are a great many simple and inexpensive craft projects for Halloween that are also little one friendly. They are a perfect way to get together and talk, laugh and have a good time while reconnecting with each other. Scary ghost stories and talk about school, friends and traditions from when you were growing up are all excellent activities to partake in while making your crafts.

Witches Hats--For this project you will need some black, orange and green construction paper, Heavy duty tape, green, purple or orange Easter grass, craft glue, and safety scissors. You will also need some party hat string which you can get at a craft store. Start out by cutting half circles out of the orange or green construction paper to make a full circle tape the half together and set aside. Now using the black construction paper tape four sheets together into a square. Roll the square up to make a cone and tape it into position. The kids can do all of this with the help of mom and dad. Once the cones are finished cut the bottoms off so that they are even all the way around and piece up any small areas with tape. Using the craft glue, glue to the inside of the back of each cone, a "wig" of Easter grass. Place a chin strap of party hat string on the hat with a touch of crafts glue. After everything has dried, place the cones on the kid's heads first and then place the rings over the cones to make the brim of the hat.

Flower pot Jak-O-Lanterns--Make a set of simple jak-o-lanterns by buying cheap orange flower pots and turning them upside down. Onto the front let the little ones paint a jak-o-lantern face and outline it in school glue, they can then glitter the glue to make the face shimmer in the candle light. The night of Halloween place these pumpkins on a picnic table or a porch table out of the way and place several glass jar votives around them. Mom and dad can light the candles and get the fun of Halloween underway.

Ghost Lanterns--For this one you will need several plastic milk jugs, a strong of twinkle lights (low voltage Christmas tree lights work best), a black marker, exact-o craft knife. Start by drawing the ghost face onto each jug with the marker, the kids can get as creative as they want with the unique ghost face. Now have mom and dad cut a half dollar sized hole in the back of each jug near the bottom. Stuff five or six lights into each jug, spacing them out along the line. If you have a few lights between each one it's OK, if you want to not have them show go to your local crafts store and pick up a box of "dead bulbs" these small jumpers replace the bulbs of the light set with a dummy that allows the lights to stay lit without a bulb in place. They only cost a few dollars for a pack of 20 or so dummies. The more lights the brighter the jug will be but less lights tend to create a more ghostly effect. Place the jugs on a ledge or even hang them by punching a small hole with an ice pick though the tops and running fishing line through the holes. Attach an ornament hook and you have hanging lanterns

The fun of Halloween is something that only comes around once a year. Make sure that you make every one special with your kids by taking the time to find some Halloween Crafts for children that will build memories for both you and the children for years to come.


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