Odd to Carrie I wrote (for my Grandmother's 80th Birthday)

by Claudia J. Taylor
(Lake Oswego, OR)

Ode to Carrie

What a blessing there was to be,
On a frosty morn in '93'
The cry went out, was joy in the morn,
“Praise be to the Lord the Mitchell child is born”.
She's called Carrie in Texas they say
By family and friends made along the way

George Osburn came calling with hugs and kisses
And before she knew it Carrie was Mrs

She's called Mother by her daughters four.
Held that title for more than three score

Seven grandchildren she loved and watched play
And many a child she taught to knit and crochet

Fifteen children give her title with awe
Yes, you guessed it, "Our precious Grandma"

A new generation, a babe's come along
He claims great-great-Grandma along with our throng

Five generations, God's blessed us it's true
And Grandmother, dear, He started with you!

By Claudia J. Taylor (Carrie’s oldest grandchild)

I wrote it for my grandmother’s 80th birthday and then added the last two verses when my first grandchild was born. We did indeed have “Five living generations”

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