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Mom Birthday Poems
Mom, my thank yous to you

Should be said every day

For the happiness you impart

And your loving caring way

And on this day, to you Mom, I say

Have a truly wonderful and happy birthday

©  B P & Q

What have I done, to get from you
Such love, care and attention
To some it wouldn’t be obvious
Way beyond their comprehension

But I must be a genius
My mind is sharp and keen
It’s because you are the Greatest Mom
The World has ever seen

Happy Birthday, Worldbeater

©  B P & Q
Mom Birthday Poems

Now that it's your birthday, Mom
I'd really like to say
Thank you Mom for all you do
In your quiet efficient way

I don't know how I'd cope
Without you by my side
I know my life would be
A very bumpy ride

As the seasons come and go
And your birthday arrives
It takes this occasion
To make me realize

I don't take the time to say
I appreciate all you do
So have a very Happy Birthday, Mom
And lots of love to you

Margmax c 2006

©  B P & Q

You're a special kind of mother

Surpassed by none, or few,

Hope your birthday is wonderful,

Nay, a perfect day for you

From your ever loving daughter

©  B P & Q

Of all the days to celebrate, 

This one out shines the rest, 

Here's hoping that your birthday

Is your happiest and best
Love you Mom

 Mom Birthday Poems 

Mom, today

Happiness to you,

Birthday wishes

And lots of love too.

©  B P & Q

I find myself wondering...
Did I give you your due..
For all that you've done for me
Did I ever thank you?

For all of my childhood memories
For helping me deal with life's stresses
For helping me accept my defeats
And celebrate my successes?

Or for teaching me the value of hard work,
Good judgement, courage, and being true
The laughter, smiles, and quiet times we've shared
Did I ever thank you?

If I have forgotten, I'm thanking you now
You taught me right from wrong....
I hope you know how much you're loved and appreciated
I hope you, instinctively, knew all along.

Happy Birthday Mom

©  B P & Q

Mom Birthday Poems 

Happy Birthday to the Best Mom in the World

From morning till night ,

May your birthday be bright,

And nicer than ever before.. 

And as years come and go

May your happiness grow

And your dreams be fulfilled even more.

©  B P & Q

A Birthday gives us a reason

To celebrate the passing years

Because hurtling onwards towards
 the end
Should logically bring on tears

So here’s a wish I have Mom

That here, forever, you will be

I hope that you have many more birthdays

Indeed, I hope you outlive me

Well, I’m a guy

We do logic, not fluff
Happy happy birthday

©  B P & Q

Mom Birthday Poems 

 This is a Happy Birthday card,

Made with lots of love by me.

It’s to a Very Important Parent

A VIP...
...and you are she

©  B P & Q

Goodness, it’s your birthday, Mom

Doesn’t time just fly?

Add one more candle to your cake

The Fire Department are standing by

©  B P & Q

I hope that when
You think of me
A part of you
You'll always see....

Happy Birthday Ma

©  B P & Q

It isn't very often
Just perhaps on special days,
You're thanked for all your thoughtfulness
That shows in many ways.

You've been so understanding
Showing kindness and concern,
And for every joy you've given
You've asked nothing in return.

But in your heart (Mom)(Mum),
I hope you know these loving things you do
Will always mean so much to me
And I think the world of you.

With Love
Happy Birthday

©  B P & Q

Mom Birthday Poems 

Mom, you ‘re another year older today
Doesn’t time fly by soooo fast

But you don’t look any older

Happy Birthday...have yourself a blast

©  B P & Q

Mom’s Birthday is a time

For sending wishes warm and true

These wishes also express gratitude

For all you’ve done and do

Happy Birthday Mom, with love

©  B P & Q

To get from you such love, Mom

What have I done?

Oh yeah, I’m just lucky I guess

Being born your son

Have like a bangin’ birthday thing

From your great-full offspring

©  B P & Q

Mom you deserve the best

Because you are the best
Have a very happy Birthday

©  B P & Q

Hope your birthday is filled
With friends, and family too,
For Mom, you deserve all that’s best,

In life to come to you.

©  B P & Q 

Happy birthday Mom of mine

And lots of love to you

Hope your birthday’s filled with happiness

Which lasts the whole day through.

©  B P & Q

Hope your birthday is a special day

Free of trouble and strife

But filled with the joy and happiness

You’ve brought to me throughout my life

©  B P & Q 

Mom, you’re so very special

I thank my lucky stars to have you

You are caring, loving and thoughtful

And so just very nice, too.

I don’t often tell you

So I’m choosing this occasion to say

I’m grateful for all you’ve done and do
Have a wonderful birthday

©  B P & Q

Thanks, Mom for always being there
For showing me such love and care.
Thanks for all you’ve done and do
How I turned out is down to you

I love you
Have a lovely birthday

©  B P & Q

This card comes with lots of love

And wishes for a day of fun all through,

A day of love and laughter, Mom

No-one deserves that more than you.

©  B P & Q

Happy Birthday to you, Mom

Hope your day is full of fun,

This comes with lots of love

From your ever loving son.

©  B P & Q

Mom Birthday Poems 

You do so many thoughtful things
for others through the year,
You have a way of lifting spirits
and filling hearts with cheer.

So I know this day's just perfect
to make a wish for you,
For all the good things you deserve
each day the whole year through.

Have a Happy Birthday (Mom)(Mum)

©  B P & Q

To the World’s best Mom,

Who’s my friend and companion too,

I really don’t what I’d do,

If I didn’t have you,

So let’s celebrate your birthday

Not face it with dread

OK you’re another year older

But you have a wonderful year ahead

©  B P & Q

You filled my days with rainbow lights,
Fairy tales and 'sweet dream' nights,
A kiss to wipe away my tears,
Comforting words to ease my fears.

You gave the gift of life to me
And then in love, you set me free.
I thank you for your tender care,
For deep warm hugs and... ...just for being there.

Happy Birthday (Mom)(Mum)

©  B P & Q

Much love Mom on your birthday

Hope it’s a happy one

A joyful day that’s special

And one that’s filled with fun

©  B P & Q

This loving greeting comes to one

Who has given me love and care

A mother, the best mother, my mother

A mother beyond compare

Have a lovely day Mom

©  B P & Q

Within this birthday card

There's thousands of wishes

And I know I've been bad at times

especially about doing the dishes.

With a million hugs and wishes to say sorry

Plus a trillion kisses all over your face
I just want you to know"Oh mother of mine,

That deep down I just thing you are ace

Happy Birthday Mom

©  B P & Q

To a Special Mom

No one can develop freely in this world and find a full
life without feeling understood by at least one person.

Paul Tournier.

So "Thank You" for doing just that!

Love you hug you especially today

May you have a wonderful time

I'll be around Sunday as I always do

Just to say I'm so glad that you're mine.

©  B P & Q

Mom Birthday Poems

Fifty and wise or eighteen and foolish?

If only there was a choice.

With looks like yours it won't matter

As you're still full of grace and poise.

©  B P & Q

Hope it adds 
some special pleasure 

To the hours of your day 

To know you're being thought of

In the very warmest way... 

And when your birthday's over, 

Hope that you'll remember, too,

The same warm thoughts as always

Will keep going out to you! 

Happy Birthday

©  B P & Q

Mom Birthday Poems

Here’s a Birthday greeting

Especially to show

How much you mean

Although you surely must know

That without a doubt

There’s no-one nicer than you

Or anyone dearer

To wish Happy Birthday to

©  B P & Q

more mom birthday poems

If things get better with age,

Then you are approaching Magnificent.

©  B P & Q

Hope this card is one of many,

That drops upon your floor,

From friends in far flung places

And those nearer to your door

©  B P & Q

They all want to wish you

A wonderful birthday and coming year, too.

But no-one more so than me, Mom

For what you’ve done, and continue to do

Love you

Happy Birthday

©  B P & Q

Mom Birthday Poems 


Mom it’s is your birthday

You need to have some fun

So put your feet up, and relax

Dad, there’s Mom’s work to be done

©  B P & Q

A brand new year 

For you Mom starts here

This is our happy birthday wish

From all our hearts, sincere

May all your birthday wishes come true.

No one deserves that more than you.

Happy birthday is what we say

May it be a Wish Come True kinda day

From us kids, with love

©  B P & Q

Mom make a wish, wish away.

Make a wish it's your special day!

It's birthday time, have no fear,
They only come once a year!

Happy Birthday

©  B P & Q

To my Mom with love today

Have a Nice birthday Day

©  B P & Q

  Mom as it‘s your birthday

And, unfortunately, not mine

Give me some money and I’ll get out your hair

While you have a large glass of wine

I try so hard to be thoughtful

©  B P & Q

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