Memorial Day Poems

You have found these Memorial Day Poems that will warm your heart, stir the emotions and instil the pride and memories for all of the fallen. This year it falls on 30th May 2011 and proclaims our human need to honor our dead. Memorial Day is not about division. It is about reconciliation; it is about coming together to honor those who gave their all. It began after the Civil War to honor the Union soldiers who gave their lives in the conflict. This has been expanded after World War I to become a tribute to the dead of all the nation’s wars.

Memorial Day Poems


God Bless Our Native Land

God bless our native land,
Land of the newly free,
Oh may she ever stand
For truth and liberty.
God bless our native land,
Where sleep our kindred dead,
Let peace at thy command
Above their graves be shed.
God help our native land,
Bring surcease to her strife,
And shower from thy hand
A more abundant life.
God bless our native land,
Her homes and children bless,
Oh may she ever stand
For truth and righteousness.
Frances E. W. Harper


We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.
Moina Michael


Memorial Day Poems

I think about the people that fought in the wars,
some have died to keep us free.
I think about the men and women,
Who saved lives on land and at sea.

I look at the monuments,
In memory of the brave.
I help plant red flowers
At my grandfather's grave.

At the parade, I see flags flying,
Red,white and blue.
I watch rows of different uniforms,
Navy, white and brown too.

The soldiers salute with pride.
Memorial Day remembers and honors
those who have died.
Tim F., 3rd Grader, Connecticut.


True Heroes Never Die

Everyday leads to another
Each one different from the other
Sometimes life don't seem fair
It's a game of do or dare

But true heroes never die
They just leave before good-bye
Hi Ho Silver away
We'll meet again someday

Legends live on and on
You were the unknown phenomenon
It's funny how time slipped by
Like the blink from a teary eye

I see you face in the full moon
Sometimes your voice fills the room
You are my true hero
Your light forever glows
Michael Angelo


Memorial Day Poems

U.S.S. Cole

Yesterday we were parents
We were called mom and dad
I sat and watched the news today
How times over there turned bad

A fear welled up inside me
A chill ran down my spine
The USS Cole was bombed
And she held a son of mine

Fear ripped through my heart
As I searched for any news
Part of me not wanting to know
Part needing to know the truth

I called up my husband
And told him what I heard
He rushed right home to hold me
Not able to say a word

We started calling the Navy
Our fate was in their hands
It was her who took him to
That Eastern foreign land

It was his call to duty
To honor, serve and protect
A call to duty so many of us
Now seem too easily neglect

We have to call back later
No answers can they provide
Don't they realize how that response
Tears me up inside

Now there is a number
For all the "next of kin"
That phrase will forever haunt me
And make my blood run thin

…Yesterday we were mom and dad
for right now we still don't know
if we'll ever hear those names
or drown in heartbreak and sorrow…


Memorial Day Poems

We Must Remember

We pause on this Memorial Day, a brief moment in time,
To bring close to our hearts those memories we hold so dear
Of the men and women before us who unselfishly put
their dreams, their lives on the line.

Where danger lay as a stalker,
waiting to take away each breath, while the soldier
plowed with determination the furrows of death.

We must remember, we must, you and I,
those special heroes who chose to fly,

to fly the skies of blue that turned as dark
as the midnight sky,
Their wings began to shudder as smoke choked their breath away,

And hope gave way to the resignation,
"Today, I'm going to die."

Treading the waters so deep and wide,
Men and women continued on their mission,
For God and country, their hearts would abide.
Surprised by attacks with brutal disregard for human life,
they fought to the end, knowing that life and limb
would be lost,whether of self or friend.

Yes by land, by sea, and in the skies,
they fought for our land,
they fought for freedom so that you and I might stand,
Stand for what is right, for what is good and true,
fight that we might say without fear, "God loves you."

Yes, we must remember, for freedom is not cheap,
for lives and limbs were lost so that we might keep,
All the things that we can have and all the things we can do,
Like cars and boats and a house with a roof,
Like going to church without fear,
and reading the Bible where we find the truth,

The truth of knowing that whether we are red,
yellow, black,or white,

We are all God's children and we need to learn to
love one another as God first loved us.

For if there is to be peace on earth,
where all men and women are free,
it must begin with each and all of us,
let it begin with you and me.
Rev. Connie Gibbs [Copyright, 2003]


Memorial Day Poems

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