I Have Been.

by Kayla Lovell
(Burnie, Tasmania)

I've lost my dignity somewhere along the way, I've lost my pride in every word I say.
I've felt so lost and in vain,
I've felt the heartache of unbearable pain.
I've been down that road of not knowing where to go,
I've always been the type to not let my feelings show.
I've tried my hardest to lay my past at rest, I've been brought down with memories I'd rather forget.
I've always wondered what I've done to deserve it,
I've been broken with the feeling of being so worthless.
I've wished night after night:I've wished upon the stars,
I've always wanted a happy life instead of a life of scars.
I've felt as though I lost myself to a world long gone,
I've felt like it was almost impossible to try & move on.
I've been weak and numb to the core,
I've even started to wonder why life was worth fighting for.
I've over the years turned my love into hate, I've been beyond the point of thinking its to late.
I've made my life what it is today,
I've been knocked down but always got up again. I've become much wiser in a sense of strength,
I am a lot braver. I guess it's heaven sent...

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