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husband birthday poems

other half poem 1

A very Happy Birthday
The best you can recall
From the person whose life you share
And loves you most of all.
The person who hopes you're happy
Every moment of your life
I've always been so proud and glad
To be your loving wife.

Happy Birthday
To the best Husband
in the world

©  B P & Q

husband birthday poems 2

The care you always show me
The love we always share.
Makes me feel so safe with you
I haven't got a care.
So (Patrick ) Darling
And I just want to say.
I hope you have a super time
And a really special day.

With love

©  B P & Q

husband birthday poems 3

What's the perfect husband?

It’s the gentleness and caring
And the happiness he gives
A heart full of warmth and kindness
And the thoughtful way he lives
What makes a husband special
Is created at the start
The most important thing of all
The love that’s in his heart

Who's the perfect husband?

Happy Birthday Darling (Patrick)

©  B P & Q

husband birthday verse 4

It means so much throughout the year
To have a Husband like you,
You’re thoughtful, warm and caring,
And understanding too,
That’s why this Birthday message
Comes with thanks and special love,
To wish you all the happiness
You’re deserving of.

©  B P & Q

verse 5
How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and
height my soul can reach.

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shubby birthday poem 6

You’re the best a wife could ask for
With all the love you bring
And you know it’s returned to you
Because love's a two way thing
So may happiness be with you always
And may all your dreams come true
Because you’re a Husband in a million
And I think the world of you

©  B P & Q

husband birthday poems 7

How do I begin to tell you how honoured I am
To share my life and house
I'll start by saying it was a dream come true
The day you became my spouse. 

You're my best friend in the good times 
And my rock in times of sorrow. 
You're the reason for sweet yesterdays 
And my promise for tomorrow. 

I never thought I could feel this loved 
Until we shared our "nest". 
You made this year and each other year
My life's very best. 
Love always,

©  B P & Q


You've always stood by me holding my hand,
Even when the days were rough, you helped me stand.
You taught me how to live life without giving a damn,
Today on your birthday, I just want you to know how lucky I am!
Happy Birthday hubby. I love you so much.

©  B P & Q

Verse 9

I am blessed to have a husband
Who I love with all my heart
I hope your birthday's wonderful
Right from the very start
(indeed, I'll try to make it so!)

Jon Bratton © 2004

©  B P & Q

Poem 10

I draw a circle, not a heart, around you
My husband, the one I love 
Because a heart can break 
But a circle goes on for ever.

©  B P & Q

husband birthday verse 11

My Dearest (Name)
My Darling, with a capital D,
Just a little poem to tell you 
You mean the World to me.

Your big heart extends to your folks, 
Mum (Jill) and (Joe) your Dad.
That you're my wonderful hubby
Makes me daily feel so glad.

©  B P & Q


I may never be able to become
A wife as amazing and awesome
As the hubby you have been to me
And changed the course of my destiny

©  B P & Q

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