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Grandad Birthday Verses Poems

When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorantI could hardly stand to have the old man around.
But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at
how much he had learned in seven years!
Mark Twain
And as for you Grandad I can't believe how clever you are
Happy Birthday Grandad

©  B P & Q

Here’s a Birthday greeting

Especially to show

How much you mean

Although you surely must know

That without a doubt

There’s no-one nicer than you

Or anyone dearer

To wish Happy Birthday to

©  B P & Q

Even though you're old and grey
and we all see you everyday
The stories you tell of yester year
never bore us and usually bring a tear
Your life has been busy and full of hard work
you have fulfilled all commitments and never shirked
Your grandchildren are full of love and very proud
Today is your birthday and we will shout it out loud

Grandad Birthday Verses Poems are for that wonderful stalwart of the family, the base of our loving family and because without him we wouldn't be here. So these are free for your non commercial use.

©  B P & Q

From morning till night ,
may your birthday be bright,
and nicer than ever before..
and as years come and go
may your happiness grow
and your dreams be fulfilled even more.
I Love You Granddad!

©  B P & Q

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for granddad

Granddad you're very ---- very old
But still look good all the same
Who care's if your hair's going grey
And you'll suit a zimmer frame

OK so you fall asleep in the chair
Your snoring's not that bad
As for the sound you make when you sing
It's very ------ similar, dad

With all that stuff on computer
It's no wonder you're always snoring
Who'd surf the net for building firms
Lets face it dad your boring

You just sit around at work all day
And your taste in music and sport
Is past it's best "yes" it is
Like the team that you support

But as it's your 400th! birthday
Hang this tribute up with pride
We really couldn't have insulted you more
But believe us Granddad, we tried

But Granddad, you know we love you
And now we're telling the truth
For an old fogie you're terrific
Love from Julie, Kath and Ruth

adapted from Jon Bratton with permission

©  B P & Q

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