Engagement Congratulations Poems

Welcome to Engagement Congratulations poems for cards, speeches, letters, texts which brings you free poems, verses and quotes to send to a couple who have got engaged or for one fiance to send to the other

Engagement Congratulations poems

As you both make this commitment today
To travel together down life's pathway
(Our)(My)wishes are with you for a wonderful life
As you are betrothed to become husband and wife


MargMax 2009


We know you are the perfect pair
That Cupid, with his arrow, did ensnare
The arrow sometimes carries a sting
As life can be testing with what it can bring
But when life sends you things as a test
Remember this day...and you'll survive all the rest

Happy Engagement

MargMax 2009


These next two are from one fiance to the other

Today we make a commitment which we know is for life
As we start down the road to becoming husband and wife
It's not been easy to find my soul mate
But with you i knew on our very first date
So as we exchange rings I want to say
I'm the happiest (girl)(boy) in the World today

MargMax 2009


My darling man
Understand if you can
You mean the World to me
And I want all to see
As we commit to becoming man and wife
I will love you completely for the rest of my life

MargMax 2009


From This Day Forward

From this day forward,

You shall not walk alone.

My heart will be your shelter,

And my arms will be your home.

Author Unknown


These I Can Promise

I cannot promise you a life of sunshine;

I cannot promise riches, wealth, or gold;

I cannot promise you an easy pathway

That leads away from change or growing old.

But I can promise all my heart's devotion;

A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow;

A love that's ever true and ever growing;

A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.

Author Unknown


Our Mother

You are the mother I received

The day I wed your son.

And I just want to thank you, Mum

For all the things you've done.

You've given me a gracious man

With whom I share my life.

You are his loving mother and
I his lucky wife.

You used to pat his little head,

And now I hold his hand.

You raised in love a little boy

And gave to me a man.

Author Unknown


This Day I Married My Best Friend

This day I married my best friend
the one I laugh with as we share life's wonderous zest,

as we find new enjoyments and experience all that's best.
the one I live for because the world seems brighter

as our happy times are better and our burdens feel much lighter.
the one I love with every fiber of my soul.

We used to feel vaguely incomplete,
now together we are whole.

Author Unknown

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