Christmas Poems for Children

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The wind is whispering secrets
It's voice is soft and low.
There are white and wintery secrets
In the quiet falling snow.

Hear secrets in the footsteps
Of the people on the street.
And in gay, ribboned packages
Of everyone you meet.

There are merry secrets twinkling
In the eyes of many a child.
Secrets kept by Mum and Dad
When you asked, they only smiled.

Oh, our world is full of secrets
Now steal quietly away.
Till they open up like magic
On a wonderous Christmas Day.


I baked a Gingerbread man!
He'll run as fast as he can,
To bring you this Christmas Wish.
In return for this greetin,
He requests NOT to be eaten.
But will gladly accept a KISS!


Christmas time is nearly here
And Santa's on his way
With lots of toys and presents
Piled high upon his sleigh.
All for a special ____
Who's wished a Christmas
Full of fun
And everything that makes this day
A very special one.


Santa Claus is coming
With presents just for you
To hope you have a lovely year
And fun in all you do.

And beacause you're extra-special
Hope Christmas has in store
Everything that's wonderful
And all you're wishing for.

With Love For a Merry Christmas.


When you wake up Christmas morning
If you've been very good.
Santa will have filled your stocking
As you hoped he would.

So close your eyes up tightly
And make a wish or two.
For Santa is coming very soon
With presents just for you!

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