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Birthday Poem for a Grandma brings you free to use for non commercial purposes, poems suitable for your Grandmother's birthday or you could use the same poems for Mother's Day

Verse 1

Grandma, you are so special
And you make ME feel special too!
These are some of the reasons why
I wish a Happy Birthday to you!

©  B P & Q

Verse 2

I love you Nanny/Grandma such a lot
You mean the world to me
You're patient, kind and full of fun
And thoughtful as can be
You help me out and give advice
You're there when times are bad
You buy me treats and things I need
And hug me when I'm sad.
But best of all, we're special pals
And as today's for you
It seems the perfect time to say
'You're Wonderful''s true!

©  B P & Q

Birthday poem for a Grandma Verse 3

Grandmas give you lots of chocs
And let you stay up late,
Then they give you lots of pop
And sweeties by the crate.
They tell you brilliant stories of when
Mom(Mum) & Dad were small
You then find out the real truth,
They weren't so good at all
They're Santa Claus all year round
They never ever bug you.
With massive hearts and open arms
Just waiting there to hug you

Have a lovely birthday Grandma

©  B P & Q

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Birthday Poem for a Grandma

Grandma Verse 4

I got some jam on her new couch,
But Grandma doesn't care.
I lost my toothbrush, dropped a glass,
My old jeans have a tear.
I tipped the cat dish on the floor,
My feet are always bare,
The way I look is a disgrace,
But, Grandma doesn't care.
She's very busy, then she sees,
The tangles in my hair
She gets a brush, I make a fuss,
But, Grandma doesn't care.
When I am grown, and on my own,
When visits become rare,
I won't forget the love I'd get
When Grandma didn't care.
Happy Birthday Grandma

©  B P & Q

Birthday Poem for a Grandma 5

This has always puzzled me,
Just how much is a pinch?
These recipes of yours, Grandma
Surely are no cinch.
A "snip" of this, a "dab" of that,
A "lump" of something else,
Then ladle in a "dollop"
And "stir until it melts."
I have to be a wizard
To decipher what you said,
About all these strange proportions
In the cookbook, in your head.
How much nutmeg in the doughnuts?
Grandma, you never flinch,
As you say, with twinkling eyes,
"Oh, just about a pinch."
There must be in your wise head
A measuring device,
That tells you just how much to use
Of sugar, salt and spice
Happy Birthday Super Cook

©  B P & Q

Birthday Poem for a Grandma 6

A grandmother is a remarkable woman.
She's a wonderful combination of
warmth and kindness, laughter and love.
She overlooks our faults, encourages our dreams,
and praises our every success.
A grandmother has the wisdom of a teacher,
the sincerity of a true friend, and the tenderness of a mother.
She's someone we admire, respect and
love very much.
A grandmother will always have a cherished
place in our memories and in our hearts.
She's someone for whom we want every happiness
in return for the joy she always brings.
A grandmother is all the dear and precious
things in life...
When she's a grandmother like you.
Happy Birthday Grandma

©  B P & Q

Birthday Poem for a Grandma 7

You’re such a lovely grandma in every kind of way.
That’s why this wish brings so much love to fill your special day.
It comes with warmest memories of caring things you’ve done.
The countless happy times we’ve shared so treasured every one.
And now your birthdays here it brings a chance to let you know,
as birthdays come and go because it brings so much happiness each day the whole year through
to have a grandma who is really wonderful like you.

©  B P & Q

Grandma Birthday Poem 8

From morning till night ,
may your birthday be bright,
and nicer than ever before..
and as years come and go
may your happiness grow
and your dreams be fulfilled even more.
I Love You Grandma!

©  B P & Q

Grandma Birthday Poem 9

Grandma Birthday Poems

Congratulations Grandma,
You've reached the big six-O
You were born in the last millennium
So that's a long, long time ago
I've always liked your wisdom
I laugh at your occasional joke
But it's time to stop sitting me on your knee
As now I'm a great big bloke

©  B P & Q

Grandma Birthday Poems..No. 10

You've outgrown my lap, but not my heart
O (Danielle) granddaughter of mine
Growing up's for trees, so why not stay
Forever 29

©  B P & Q

Grandma Birthday Poem 11

Congratulations Grandma
It's time to be running slow
After all, you're now an OAP
Having reached the big Six-O

It's time you put your feet up
To ease arthritic pains
Not lugging heavy luggage
On and off jet aeroplanes

It's time for shawl and slippers
And a touch of blue rinse/bleach
Not lying about half naked
On a foreign holiday beach

But as it's your birthday
You're entitled to get tipsy
A very happy birthday, Grandma
You geriatric gypsy

Jon Bratton 1992

©  B P & Q

Grandma Birthday Poem 12

I have a special place in my heart
just for people who are too wonderful to forget.
And you my dearest grandma are the best in the world I bet
With love and hugs returned to you ten times more
I love you Grandma and to you I will say "I adore"

©  B P & Q

Grandma Birthday Poem 13

Grandma you're my best friend and always are right there…
With wisdom, faith, and strength to share…
and heaps of love that shows how much you care…
Happy Birthday Grandma

©  B P & Q

Grandma Birthday Poem 14

Grandma, you have been there forever and a day
you know all about me and keep the world at bay
You laugh at my jokes even when they're not good
I don't tell you I love you enough even though I know I should
So have a fantastic birthday and even though I know you're not 39
I'll love you always because you are especially mine

©  B P & Q

Grandma I saw this and thought of you

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