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Across the miles poems

I don't blame you for leaving the UK
the sunshine would be enough
and I know that you will be okay
but for me it is going to be rough.

Selfish to the end did I hear you say
Not really "I'll be out on holiday"
Till then with all of the electronics
We'll still chat and our emails will be sonic

©  B P & Q

You're great friends, going (overseas) (away)
We'll miss you very much 
Our email address is (
Please, please let's keep in touch
Jon Bratton c 2005

©  B P & Q

Because existence can become severe in one day,
just sense me and I'll be there.
In the minds eye, I'm not so faraway.

©  B P & Q

Across the Miles Poems
You have reached our Across the Miles Poems page that shows you're never far from our thoughts, and our friendship will stretch that far. These are free for you to use for non commercial purpose.

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Next day is way special for a man called Stone;
For real this is so because of this time zone;
I better call him now on the telephone;
Sing him a song with a melodious tone.

Sending lots of good wishes from Montreal;
We will wait for that day we meet in the hall
To give him gifts, I have purchased in the mall;
There is this promise I made I do recall;

These commitments to Meg’s kids are very straight,
And for such discomfort that too I hate,
When there is no icing to eat off the plate,
So I’m sending miles of smiles to them my mate.

Take the dough you will need for the cake you bake;
Fifty candles bought and eight blown from the cake!
Paterika Hengreaves

©  B P & Q

Across The Miles Poems

Across the miles, we're apart;
but I do believe that our heart
will hardly break apart.
Yes there is doubt across the miles
even though our love is strong and tight
because we know satan's around never stop to tease
the one who cares a love an abiding love.

I always prayed across the miles
to protect and guide,
the love we have.
Across the miles I hope so much
that in our heart there's faith and trust
believe not to fade till lives apart!

©  B P & Q

Across the Miles Poems

Even though we are miles apart...
A computer screen connects our hearts.

©  B P & Q

It's very strange, when suddenly, your heart will realize,
It has been taken by someone with words before your eyes.
It is so strange to fall in love while staring at a screen,
With someone who is miles away that you have never seen.

You read about it in the news and see it on TV.
About an online love affair as real as it could be.

A couple fell in love online and one day finally meet.The love was real for both of them and now they are complete.

You think this couldn't happen because it is all a game.
The people that you read about already were insane.
To meet a perfect stranger may be asking way too much,
The people who set up these dates have gone completely nuts.

You don't know...who you're talking to, and can they be sincere?
And if you've never seen someone, how can they really care?
So then you play your silly games, while trying to have fun.
And if someone seems serious, you click your mouse and run.

Nobody can convince you that relationships can brew.
It's just a game that people play, because it's something new.
You talk to people everywhere, as if the world is right.
Then, when you're tired of talking, you just click them off at

But, one day you will meet someone, as strange as it may seem.
And they will make you feel as though you're living in a dream.
You will feel emotions, that until now were undisturbed.
And as they type upon your screen, you'll hang on every word.

You'll not understand it, how this person makes you feel,
But, emotions that you're feeling suddenly are real.
You will feel emotions and you'll think that it's insane.
How could words upon a screen cause happiness and pain?

When you realize the words are from a person's heart,
Then you understand, within your life, they have a part.
Relationships online is something you think you're above,
But, deep within your heart, you know you're falling
deep in love.

Love is love, no matter what the world will try to say.
What difference does it matter, how the love has come
your way?
True so precious, and it is so rare to find,
How can you doubt some people find true love 
when they're online?

It may be hard to understand how you can love someone,
When all you wanted was to go online to have some fun.
You may think relationships online may not be smart.
But, I have met some people that I love with all my heart!!

©  B P & Q

Across the Miles Poems

The world is now much smaller than it used to be,
No waiting for a letter, one week, two weeks or even three
Not everyone had a telephone and then it wasn't private
Sitting in the lounge with mum, dad and Uncle Herbert.

It also cost a weeks worth of our hard earned wages
we'd never ever heard of even the yellow pages.
Were the friendships just as precious then
They most certainly were; all written in pen.

Love letters to keep and hide from prying eyes
Excitement waiting for the postman to arrive.
Day after day sending most loving thoughts to you
Foundations for our relationship stronger than superglue.

©  B P & Q

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