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21st birthday verse 1

©  B P & Q

Today is special because you're 21 
Today brings a chance 
to look towards the future 
new dreams, new successes.
To a bright new tomorrow 
waiting for YOU!

Many Congratulations
on your 
Special Day

©  B P & Q

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21st birthday poem 2

How very fast the time has flown 
The years seem such a whirl 
(The years were such a joy)
Since you were just a tiny child 
A precious baby girl. 
A precious baby boy. 

How quickly you have blossomed 
Through those tender childhood years 
When every single day had moments 
Full of joy and tears. 

But those nostalgic schooldays 
Which have sped so swiftly by 
Have seen you reach twenty one 
All in the blinking of an eye.

So think about your future 
Special things to see and do 
New faces and new challenges 
Just waiting there for you. 

For twenty one is a milestone 
And it marks another turn 
Today's a day for celebration 
See those candles burn.

Enjoy this special birthday 
Feel the love in all you do 
For darling Jill (Jack) nobody 
Deserves it more than you.

Wishing you a very 
Happy 21st Birthday 

©  B P & Q

21st birthday poem 3

May the days that lie ahead 
Be filled with gladness too 
For there just couldn't be anyone 
Who deserves it more than you. 

©  B P & Q

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Face it
Your Childhood Is Gone...
Sometimes you have to accept things
The way they are..
And Move On

21st Birthday verse 4 

How could it be so long ago 
You were just a babe in arms 
Melting everybody's heart 
With all those baby charms. 

How could the years have gone so quick 
It seems like yesterday 
When you were just a little girl (boy)
Running out to play. 
Did somebody put forward 
The precious hands of time 
And turn our little daughter son niece grandson etc 
Into a woman (man)so sublime. 

For here you are today 
All grown up and lovely too 
A warm and gentle person 
So special through and through. 
And all those childhood charms you had 
Have grown with you each day 
And made you much more special 
Than words could ever say. 
So Jill (Jack), may all the dreams
You hold within your heart 
Come true and bring you happiness
From which you'll never part. 

Congratulations on your 21st Birthday 
With love 

©  B P & Q

21st birthday poem 5

Enjoy this special birthday 
you're 'Twenty One' today 
there are so many things, believe me 
that I want to say. 
Like thank you for being a Sister 
the greatest one on Earth, 
If I could give the World I would 
as to me that's what your worth.
Without you for my Sister 
believe me, I'd be lost, 
I wouldn't be without you 
not at any cost. 
This is my big 'Thank You' 
a birthday card and more, 
for a Sister whom I happen 
to absolutely adore. 

With All My Love 
On Your 
21st Birthday 

©  B P & Q

21st poem 6

This brings a birthday greeting 
and a wish for nothing less
than good luck in the future
and special happiness.

on your 
21st Birthday 

©  B P & Q

21st birthday poem 7

Don't worry about another Birthday 
Remember, a fine wine gets better with age... 
...and we get better with a fine wine! 

Happy Birthday 

©  B P & Q

21st birthday verse 8

No one could be prouder 
in all the world to me, 
I've got the loveliest Granddaughter
that there could ever be. 
Since the day that you were born 
I've had this sense of pride 
everyone can see it 
when you are by my side. 
And on your 21st Birthday 
all I have to say,
Is 'thank you' for all the happiness 
you have sent my way.

Happy 21st Birthday 

©  B P & Q

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